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In brief, Make Me Stock allows you to move mods that were not included with the original installation of the game in and out of the MOHAA directory on the fly.  Make Me Stock supports MOHAA, MOHSH, and MOHBR.  Make Me Stock can also lock down config files to prevent changes by rogue admins during online play.  It's the ultimate MOHAA cleaner utility.


Released:  3/23/2013


  • Added scanning of the downloads folder for client mods in preparation for the new Reborn version.
  • Make Me Stock now allows users to change their MOHAA (including MOHAA Spearhead and Breakthrough) in game resolution on the fly.  Change your game's resolution to your monitor's native widescreen resolution or any custom resolution you want!
  • Bug fixes for when dealing with multiple MOHAA installations.
  • Added exclusion file support from movement operations.
  • New log file which contains a log of all program operations.
  • Fixed Reborn Client and Server Test Compatibility
  • Fixed a bug in the automatic registry reading.
  • Added the ability for users to set and use their own center picture rather than the default image.
  • Fixed a few bugs in terms of reading saved preferences and paths.
  • Added GUI directory selection instead of manual prompting.
  • Supports and makes the following games stock: MOHAA, MOHSH, and MOHBR
  • Supports the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and German
  • Fully MOHAA Reborn compatible.
  • Lock and unlock config files on the fly to prevent saving unauthorized changes by rogue server admins!

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Make Me Stock Download Links

Automatic Installer (.exe)  |  Manual Installer (.zip) compatible operating systems
MOHAA Make Me Stock

Make Me Stock Widescreen Custom Resolution Utility English


"Make Me Stock" is a useful program that has been written for all MOH:AA games. It's purpose is to find and temporarily remove non-stock mods (mods that aren't included in the original install of the game) from all MOH:AA supported games. "Make Me Stock" also provides the ability to move non-stock mods back into the proper MOH:AA directories on the fly.

"Make Me Stock" works by searching the registry to discover your MOHAA main directory. If the registry entry does not exist, you will be prompted to enter your mohaa/main directory. Upon launching "Make Me Stock", the program will scan to see what MOH games you have installed. Check boxes as to which games you'd like to scan and make stock are shown at the top of the program. By default, the check boxes are checked based on what games are installed, but you may choose to omit any of the check boxes.

Make Me Stock About Screenshot

After you select your desired games, click on the "Make Me Stock" button to have all selected games become stock. "Make Me Stock" will scan your game directories looking for non-stock mods. All mods that are not stock will be moved to a temporary directory, which is by default C:\mohaatemp. You can change this by clicking on the "Change Temp Directory" button. If you'd like to move your mods back, click on the Undo button and the non-stock mods will be moved back into the proper game directories.

This is a great program for use of league matches in which stock play (playing without any unauthorized mods) is Mandatory. It saves you time so you don't have to guess and manually remove mods to be stock for match games.

Change Your MOHAA Resolution with the Click of A Button:

Due to its age, MOHAA does not support widescreen resolutions out of the box.  However, Make Me Stock now allows you to set any custom resolution (including any widescreen resolution) with the click of a button.  After you've made your changes, launch the game, and MOHAA (including MOHAA Spearhead and MOHAA Breakthrough) will use your newly set resolution.

Supported Languages / Versions:

Make Me Stock supports the English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and German versions of MOHAA, MOHSH, and MOHBR.

Version Info:

Make me stock is written in Java. I've converted my JAR file into an EXE which is included in the archive. However, it will not work on machines without the runtime installed. If you don't have Java installed, you'll need to download and install the Java Runtime which can be downloaded here:


If the exe doesn't work or you're running Make Me Stock under Linux, make sure you have the Java Runtime installed and double click on Make Me Stock.jar.


All operating systems (assuming the Java Runtime is installed [http://www.java.com/getjava/index.jsp]).  Yes, all distros of Linux are also supported through the use of the jar file included with this release.


If you have any issues, please let me know! I can always release updates to this program!

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Thanks to -*B[W]*- Forgiven Smokes and myself for thoroughly testing this program!

Coding / Scripting:  -*B[W]*- OwN-3m-All 2011